Obstacles and Opportunities Lie Ahead for 2018 Data Center Ecosystem

Expansion of the edge and increased reliance on cloud and colocation providers will drive much of what we expect to see in the coming year. From changing the physical architecture of data centers, whether they’re going high-density or hybrid, to changing the way the world thinks about data ownership, 2018 will usher in some significant changes in the data center industry. Here’s what we’re expecting to see in the next 12 months:

1. Emergence of the Gen 4 Data Center: Just as the iPhone drove the cloud generation, the next wave of technology is driving data centers to adjust once again. Distributed computing, growing reliance on the edge and real-time data demand a data center that can comprehensively integrate edge and core capabilities. Enter Gen 4. The next-generation data center will provide capacity in scalable modules while leveraging thermal solutions, high-density power supplies, lithium-ion batteries and advanced power distribution units to deliver seamless operation from edge to core. Gen 4 data centers will pull it all together with sophisticated monitoring and management technologies to operate IT nodes in unison. Think reduced complexity, up-front costs and latency – and increased utilization rates.


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